Sadly Mr. Ryan Gainey passed away on July 29, 2016.
He will be honored at the Atlanta History Center on 8/31/2016 at 6:30 pm.
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Projects - Chicago Flower Show, 2004



A Renascent Perspective

The essence of the theme of the 2004 Chicago Flower Show, "Public Places, Private Spaces", is captured in this garden.  The belvedere, or folly, at the apex of this garden serves as my private place, a thoughtfully-designed and beautifully-executed private place from which to view the public face of this garden.

From my folly, I can view this world I've created, a world informed by what I know, where I've been, and what's inspired me.  It's going back to the past, and bringing it forward, interpreting it for a different place and a different time, incorporating all that is knowledge, truth, and history.  Important to remember is the role of artisans, craftsmen, architects, horticulturists, and designers in a work such as this.  Without the people to build and maintain it, our ideas never flower and fruit.

If we could walk through this garden together, I could point to each element, illuminating its source of inspiration.  All you see before you came from somewhere, was inspired by something.  But really, none of that matters.  In the end, the garden is my statement, my vision of paradise.  I'm pleased to offer it to you to serve as a source of inspiration in your own search for paradise.